Tourist / Visit Visa

A visitor is a person who wants to come to Canada to work, study or visit. A visitor is not a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.

Every visitor, unless exempted, must obtain a visa before arriving. All visitors who require a visa must have the visa when they appear at a port of entry.

A visitor visa may be for single entry or multiple entry use. Single entry visas may be issued up to six months before the expected date of travel. The maximum validity date for multiple entry visitor visas is up to ten (10) years or one month prior to the expiry date on the passport/re-entry visa, whichever is earlier. POE officers will routinely grant entry for a period of six months to a person requesting entry as a visitor.

Millions of people visit Canada every year on temporary residence visas.

Following are two major categories of temporary residence visas :
• Visitor Visa :
The visitor visas are the most straight forward class of temporary residence visas. Visitors contribute significantly to the Canadian economy.
• Super Visa (Parents & Grandparents) :
You can apply for the parent and grandparent super Visa by checking and meeting all the requirements.